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Is your computer or internet really slow? Perhaps you need new programmes like Microsoft Office 365, but you’re not sure how to get it installed? Is your computer broken or infected with a virus? Maybe you just want more confidence using your computer, smartphone or tablet?

Computer Sales and Support

What do you use your computer for? It makes a big difference whether you want to compete in online gaming tournaments, or you just want to browse the internet and Skype family or friends.

If you’re not sure what kind of computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone you need and you find trying to make comparisons confusing? You’re not alone! You can trust RighTech to provide quality computing based on your needs, and not on any sales quota. We can supply the right computer, laptop or tablet for you, and if you like, teach you how to use it.

As a Google Partner and Certified Microsoft Partner, of course we can supply and teach you about the right hardware for you, plus we have the knowledge, experience and patience to repair your computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones when they break or don’t work as they should.

If you would like help choosing your next tablet, smartphone, laptop or computer, you need repairs, or you’re unsure how to get the most from your device, contact the team at RightTech.

Anti-Virus Support

It’s so important to protect your personal information. From documents, to family photos, and everything saved on your computer, how do you protect your information online?

RightTech can install anti-virus software to protect your information against malicious programmes that seek to steal your data or lock you out of your computer. In addition to active protection against viruses and spyware, we can also give you a crash-course in internet safety. The best anti-virus protection won’t prevent your computer from getting infected if you unwittingly invite a nasty programme in.

If your information is important to you, RightTech can help you protect it. Ask our team about back-up systems. Regularly backing up and storing your data on an external hard-drive or cloud storage system will ensure your personal photos and files are saved, no matter what happens to your computer.

For more information on internet safety, virus protection or home back up systems, contact the team at RightTech on  0800 638 744.

Microsoft Office 365

The Microsoft Office suite of programmes are among the most popular in the world. Between Word, Xcel, Publisher and PowerPoint, these computer programmes can help home users do just about anything.

RightTech can recommend the right Microsoft Office 365 plan for you, get the programmes installed and connected across your devices, and as Registered, Certified Microsoft Partners, we can walk you through how to use each one.

By purchasing your Microsoft Office 365 plan through RightTech, you get the additional peace of mind knowing we are just a phone call away if you encounter any issues. No dealing with a call centre on the other side of the world. Real people, right here in Rangiora are able to assist you if you run into problems. For local advice and support on the full range of Microsoft Office products, contact the team at RightTech on 0800 638 744.

Reliable, Rangiora Based IT Support

We’re here to provide you with the right technology, and help you better use and understand the devices in your in your home. From better modems for stronger, faster internet, to full-service computer repairs or just a friendly, knowledgeable recommendation to help you make smarter IT decisions. RightTech is right here, and ready to help you.

Remember RightTech for all your home based computer and IT support in Rangiora. Contact us on 0800 638 744 for a free chat about your residential IT needs.


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